About us

Being part of a major group of independent industries working in car care, automotive field metal stamping, aerosol filling, chemical products for industry super help was established in 1998 with the goal to create a specific leading line of car care products.

The company works and distributes in 70 countries all over the world , and the sales network is organized according to the policy of the country involved: in Europe, west - and growing eastern european countries through traditional importers, service stations, supermarket chains.Overseas the line is distributed in far east, mid east, south american and central american countries. The customers are followed by super help own personnel on place, agents and personal visits and contacts.

The production is supported by higly qualified chemists who are constantly involved in research for new formulations, selecting raw material used and checking the quality of the finished product. Thanks to the use of modern equipment and rationalization of production and packaging also a competitive price level can be offered and guaranteed during the years to customers. The company’s working methods and quality controls follow the guidelines laid down by aia (Italian aerosol association) and FEA(european aerosol federation).

All super help suppliers are quality certified and deliver raw materials and components such as spray-cans, valves etc with quality and laboratory test certification. Inside the company checking tests are also carried out on raw materials once they reach the production before being worked and after filling. all products are made with specifically selected raw materials and are packed in spray cans on modern production lines exploiting the best advanced technology.

The ecological propellants added ensure the respect for the environment and guarantee the final product to be properly dispensed. The cans are handy and easy to use.

During the last years, we have also been supported by the chemical department of the university of Milan, where different products have been tested for further guarantee on properties and final performance of the products.

R&D: we have a very close relation with the chemical department of the university of Milan in order to study and develop new products. the production is supported by two plants, located south of Milan, while logistic and commercial office is strategically located 40 km north of Milan, in Varese area, only 10 km away from Swiss borde , in the mid of the crossroads for the north, west and east european countries.

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