Restores, protects and makes shiny all kind of dashboard. Stops dust resettling. Available in 8 different fragrances. Anti-static effect.Cleans and renovates plastics and rubbers.A combination of mild, quickly evaporating solvents and stable, inert polymers which leave a non-staining, water-repellent film. Super Help Cockpit forms a protective barrier against color fading and hardening caused by the penetration of ozone, U.V. rays and oxygen.

FEATURES :Cleans plastic and rubber. • Polishes and makes dashboards, bumpers, spoilers, vinyl roofs, upholstery, etc.shiny. • Renovates car interiors. • Maintains the elasticity of door and trunk rubber linings, it does not become sticky. • Forms a clear, shiny, inert, non-staining, water-repellent film. • Removes stains and nicotine from car interiors. • Leaves a fresh fragrant smell. • Harmless to the rubbers and plastics usual applied in the cars interior. Test on a small area before using on very sensitive plastics, adhesive mounted or stressed parts. • Aerosols use butan-propane propellant to maintain high pressure to the very last fluid in the can.

APPLICATIONS : • Dashboards • Vinyl tops • Bumpers • Spoilers • Vinyl upholstery parts • Rubber mats • Chrome

Code: 3400

Ean: 8028687034004



COCKPIT SPRAY 250 ML  |  Code: 3250  |  EAN: 8028687032505

Qty/Carton: Nº 24 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 33x22x22  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 2016 pcs


COCKPIT SPRAY 400 ML  | Code: 3400  |  EAN: 8028687034004

Qty/Carton: Nº 24 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 36x24x27  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 1584 pcs


COCKPIT SPRAY 750 ML  | Code: 3750  |  EAN: 8028687037500

Qty/Carton: Nº 12 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 21x27x36  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 900 pcs

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