Spray Starting Fluid.

Starts engine fast in any weather, suitable for gasoline and diesel engines just spraying into the air filter. Professional grade engine starting fluid. A balanced formulation combining active, volatile solvents. The ingredients are carefully blended to ensure the correct type of initial starting in the combustion chamber and to promote immediate combustion.

FEATURES: • High volatility provides the necessary fuel vapours to obtain a combustible air/fuel mixture, even at low temperatures and high humidity. • Ensures fast, economical starting of all diesel and gasoline engines. • Reduces starter motor and spark plug wear. • Saves battery strain and engine wear during cold start. • Saves time and money. • An essential tool, particularly in winter, after long periods of standstill and under humid climatic conditions. • Aerosols use butan-propane propellant to maintain high pressure to the very last fluid in the can.

APPLICATIONS: • Cars • Trucks • Busses • Tractors • Motorbikes and motorcycles • Chain saws • Boats (in-board and out board) • Go-carts • Stationary engines • Compressors • Diesel, gasoline and kerosene engines.

Code: 37400

Ean: 8028687374001


SUPER START MOTOR 200 ML  |  Code: 37200  |  EAN: 8028687372007

Qty/Carton: Nº 12 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 22x17x18  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 2304 pcs


SUPER START MOTOR 400 ML  |  Code: 37400  |  EAN: 8028687374001

Qty/Carton: Nº 12 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 27x21x22  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 1512 pcs