PTFE based lubricant for universal use. Guarantees protection against rust. Prevents moving parts seizing together. It is ideal for lubrication and protection of chains, wires locks, mechanical switches, hinges. Reduce friction. Super Help ptfe lub is a high performance lubricant incorporating a sophisticated additive package with PTFE to provide long lasting protection against friction, wear and corrosion.It out-performs conventional lubricants in lubricating effectiveness, increasing the life and operating efficiency of parts and equipment, especially under the extremes of pressures and the environment.

FEATURES • PTFE addition helps to minimise surface to surface contact with an anti-friction shield. • Withstands extreme load carrying situations. • Outperforms conventional lubricants under extreme pressures. • Penetrates and displaces moisture leaving a protective film. • Safe on all metals and alloys.  Equipped with a special straw to reach even inaccessible parts for a better maintainance.

Code: 40150

Ean: 8028687401506


PTFE LUB 150 ML  |  Code: 40150  |  EAN: 8028687401506

Qty/Carton: Nº 6 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 17x11x16  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 1410 pcs