Removes smoke, grease, dust, insects and dirt from car glasses, windscreens, mirrors etc.A blend of surfactants, additives and solvents designed to clean effectively without leaving a film. Super Help Glass cleaner removes road film, grease, finger prints, smoke haze, insects and residues from glass surfaces.

FEATURES : • Quickly builds a stable foam. • Gives a sparkling finish to windows, mirrors, chromium plated parts, vinyl and other plastic surfaces. • Leaves no film. • Contributes to safe driving by ensuring a better view (especially at low position of the sun, in foggy weather and at night). • Keeps the windscreen wipers effective. • Harmless to paint finish. • Does not attack rubber. • Non-caustic formula. • Harmless to the rubbers and plastics usual applied in the cars interior. Test on a small area before using on very sensitive plastics, adhesive mounted or stressed parts. • Aerosols use butan-propane propellant to maintain high pressure to the very last fluid in the can.

APPLICATIONS: • Windshields • Windows, mirrors • Chromium plated parts • Vinyl and plastic surfaces • Bumpers • Headlamps • Paint work

Code: 5400

Ean: 8028687054002



GLASS CLEANER 400 ML  |  Code: 5400  |  EAN: 8028687054002

Qty/Carton: Nº 24 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 36x24x27  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 1584 pcs