Engine Cleaner easy-use formula.

Degreases even unaccessible parts and removes rapidly oil, grease and petrol. Leaves no residue.Extra powerful engine surface cleaner/degreaser. A blend of powerful solvents and emulsifiers, combined to quickly remove tar, grease and oil from all engines. A clean engine runs cooler and more efficiently. Easy to use just spray it on and rinse off for collection and proper disposal.

FEATURES: • Cleans and degreases all engines. • Emulsifiers enable the product to be easily washed away with water. If necessary, collect the water mix for disposal according local regulations. • Easy to use with the aerosol sprayer head. • The fast acting formulation saves time. • Leaves no objectionable odor in the engine compartment. • Free of caustic materials. • Aerosols use butan-propane propellant to maintain high pressure to the very last fluid in the can.

APPLICATIONS • Car and truck engines • Boats (in- and out-board) • Lawn mowers • Farm machinery • Chain saws • Construction and shop equipment

Code: 8400

Ean: 8028687084009



MOTOR CLEANER 400 ML  |  Code: 8400  |  EAN: 8028687084009

Qty/Carton: Nº 12 pcs  |  Carton Size: cm 27x21x22  |  Qty/Pallet: Nº 1512 pcs